Vladimir Rodoslav Kuznitov (Russian: Владимир Радослав Кузнецов) is a Russian Crime Boss situated in Greenridge, Illinois.


Born July 18th, 1965, Vladimir was the second of five children born to Nikolai Kuznitov. He and his family left Russia sometime in the 1970's during the Soviet Era. His father started the Russian Mob in America.

In 1999, he took over as head of the Mob, and made two of his brothers leading members. He has headed the Mob since then, with fellow member, Alexander Mikhailov. In 2012, he oversaw one of the largest money frauds in the history of America, and embezzled 2 million dollars from the Cartel.

Despite all this, he is in relatively good standing with the GPD, and even anonymously supported them in their hunt for Brotherhood criminal Alejandro Garcia.

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