The United States of America (USA), also called America, United States, and The States, is a federal republic, consisting of 46 states, and one federal district. The country also is the de facto ruling governement for two non US States. These sub-states are not officialy states, but the US claims them and rules over them. There is also several territories, both inhabited and uninhabited.

The country is located inbetween Canada and Mexico. The majority of the population is concentrated to the East Coast. The capital, Columbia, serves as the governing body for the entire nation.



The first usage of the phrase United States of America was in 1776, in a letter written by Stephen Moylan, Esq. The phrase quickly spread, and became the unofficial name for the new country in July 1776. In 1777, the name was made official.

Other common names for America include 'United States', 'US', 'USA', 'the States', 'America', 'US of A', 'Columbia', and 'American Union'.

Early SettlementEdit

By 1640, several established towns were founded. These included Jamestown and Plymouth. Only the northern area was colonized, and Southern colonization didn't occur until 1660's. English settlers, still ruled by the king, came to America to settle. Simple crops were the biggest export, and tea, supplies, and sugar were imported.

By 1737, all 14 colonies were settled. They spanned from the Great Lakes to Okefenokee. Below that was Spanish-owned East Florida. To the West was Spainish Lousiana. The Appalacians served as a border until further colonization. The Navigation Acts also prevented further exploration. To the North, British Canada was created at the time. Native American relations were tense, but some tried to adapt.

Slave trade became popular in the Deep South, where flat, fertile soil was used for massive plantations. These became known as slave states. Later on, the largest concentrations would be in Mississippi and Alabama. The North protested against slave trade.


In 1776, the American Revolution began. This was a widespread liberation movement against Britain. In July 1776, the Declaration of Independance, written by Thomas Jefferson, was signed, declaring freedom from Great Britain. The War took place over 7 years, and ended with the defeat of the Brittish troops in Yorktown, in 1783. The Treaty of Paris was signed byt the opposing sides.


The United States after the Revolution was small, consisting of 11 States. Many northern colonies, experiencing loss during the Revolution, combined together. In 1789, General Gerorge Washington was sworn in as president of the United States. Three years later, the Vermont Republic rejoined the union, becoming part of the New England state.

In 1798, France took over Louisiana. Several battles with Spanish forts occured along the border, but they were quickly resolved. Napoleon, finding no use for it, offered it to the US for 15 million dollars. Jefferson accepted the offer, and in 1804, the United States doubled in size. In 1819, England and America signed a treaty, agreeing to jointly share Oregon County. After the Revolution, England maintained a friendly relationship with America. They also shared land in Rupert's Land, Superior, and Wisconsin, until each was purchased or settled by America.

Spain and MexicoEdit

Spainish Florida was bought by America in 1821. Later, the Mexican revolution occured, and all of the Viceroyalty of New Spain was claimed. Mexico shared it's border with Louisiana, but American settlers in Mexico disaproved the Mexican law. Texas became a country in 1836, and claimed half of Northern Mexico. They formed a strong relationship with America, due to several cultural similarities.

The Mexican Cessesion occured, and much of the Spainish land was left uncolonized. It wasn't until much later, in 1878, that any land there was claimed by America.

Civil WarEdit

In 1861, a movement was made by the slave states of Mississippi and Alabama to secede all slave states from the union. The plan included Florida, Carolina, Okefenokee, and Louisiana. However, due to the popularity of President Lincol and his anti-slavery campaign, and the lack of slave usage in Florida and Louisiana, the movement was not entirely successful.

On February 28th, four states formed the Confederate states of America. By 1866, the country, now resembling more of a political movement, took hold of the Texan slave State of Houston, causing ecenomic failure in the rest of Texas. In 1878, Texas was admitted to the Union in the form of three seperate states. The Civil War was a massive disaster for the CSA, who lost many men in the conflict. Slavery was outlawed in all states.

Civil Rights MovementEdit

On March 25, 1965, A large portion of the black community in Alabama and Mississippi rebeled against oppression, by forming the United African-American Republic, a short lasted all-black society, with the capital in Selma. The country was short lived, without any ecenomic power, it soon collapsed. The US readmitted each state, forming the three Black States. The result was better rights for African-Americans in the US, and Mississippi was no longer existance, the remaining land not taken by Jackson and Jones being added to Louisiana.


The Geography of the United States is diverse. It ranges from some of the highest and lowest points on earth. The highest point is Mt. Whitney and the lowest point is Death Valley, both in California. There are several mountain ranges, including the Sierras, Appalacians, and the Rockies. The Grand Canyon in Great Basin is the largest surface canyon on earth.

The country borders the Great Lakes. Lake Superior is the largest of these lakes.

Climate in the US is fairly moderate, but can reach 120 degrees in California, and as low as -60 in some regions.


The population of America is debated. In less developed regions, like Great Basin, California, Coronado, and Cascadia, offical censuses are difficult, but a good estimate is around 226,545,000.


Political DivisionsEdit

The United States is made up of 46 states, one federal district, two substates, and several territories. The first to be admitted was Chesapeake, the last was Superior.

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