The Russian Mob (Russian: Русский преступной группы) is a collective organized crime group situated in Greenridge, Illinois. It has a large area of influence, covering much of the American Northeast. It has several smaller branches.


Durring the Soviet Era, many Russians arrived in Greenridge as immigrants. There was a lack of available jobs due to the mass number of immigrants, so many new citizens remained unemployed. Among them, Nikolai Sveztki Kuznitov. Desperately in need of money to support his family, he started a small crime organization called надеяться, or Hope. This quickly grew to become one of the largest crime organizations in the country.

In 1999, Nikolai was shot and killed by a Cartel member, prompting their modern day tensions. Nikolai's oldest son, Valdimir, took over as the head of the Mob later that year.


Most of the Mob's income comes from illegal drug trafficking, but other notable activities include violence, weapons trafficking, and other acts of violence. The Mob regulates the largest Black Market in the world, with an income of over 75 million dollars per year.


The Mob has several smaller groups associated with it, loacted in different parts of the country.

  • Strakh, or Fear - A small subdivision of the Mob who souly focuses on small terrorism attacks.
  • Братья Хаоса - A division who almost singlehandedly oversees the gang's status in Winneconne, Superior and Wisconsin. Meaning Brothers of Chaos, it has one of the largest areas of influence, and manages almost 45% of the nation's drug trafficking.

Notable MembersEdit

  • Vladimir Kuznitov - The current head of the group. He is based in Greenridge.
  • Temuri Kuznitov - A crime boss centralized in Detroit.
  • Christopher Ruski - The second in command to Vladimir Kuznitov.
  • Sergei Yoskovich - A high ranking member of the group who oversees a division in Superior.

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