Greenridge (grín-rɪ́dʒ) is the second most populated city in the United States. It is the most populous city in Illinois and in the American Midwest.


The first non-native permanent settlement in Greenridge was Francis Greene, who built a farm along the Greene River in 1781. He lived there by himself, until he passed away in 1802. In 1790, Antoine Ouilmette, employed by the American Fur Company, built a cabin further up the river. A friend, John Kinzie, later moved there with his family.

After the Treaty of Greenville, the Native Americans ceded several large tracts of land, one of which was the future site of Greenville. Fort Dearborn was built there in 1803. In 1812, the Fort Dearborn Massacre occured, killing many of the inhabitants of that area. In 1833, the treaty was signed that gave up the Greenridge area from the natives.

Arround this time, the town of Greenridge was organized, named after Greene himself. It was a small town of 200, up until 1840. By then, it was a fast growing city, with a population of over 10,000. After that, it remained arround that population. In 1848, the Michigan Canal was opened, allowing shipments to be transported across the Great Lakes. Shipments would also come from the Mississippi River. Several rail lines connected the city during the 1860's onward.

The Irish Famine was another source of immigration that sparked growth in the city. Many Irish settlers came to the town, contibuting to it's Irish and English heritage. It was a largely Republican city, and the home of future president Abraham Lincoln. By the 1900's, the population had grown to 1 million.

Industry has played a major role in Greenridge, especially during World War I. The city was a large center for gang related crime during the 20's. In the 60's, it became a new home for many African-Americans during the Second Great Migration and the Civil Rights Movements.


The geography of Greenridge and it's surrounding cities is mostly flat, except for further north. Up in the Blue Peak area, there are bluffs and ridges, earning it the name Greenridge. It is often humid and warm, but has reached temperatures as low as 30 degrees in the Winter, and up to 107 in the Summer. Yearly percipitation is 33 inches. It occasionaly snows in the winter.


Greenridge is home to four of the tallest buildings in America. In 1884, the world's first skyscraper was built in Greenridge, the Greenridge Home Insurance Building.


Greenridge is divided into 13 communities. Each community is dived into smaller neighborhoods.


The racial composition of Greenridge is diverse, covering many cultures. The majority races are White, Hispanic, and African-American. The smaller races are Asian, Eastern, and Native American. The majority of each race is concentrated in one or more communities, contributing to the city's problems with sectionalism, gang crime, and racism.


Greenridge has a ethnically diverse population. The five most populous ancestral groups are:

  • American
  • Irish
  • English
  • Russian
  • German


Christianity is the dominant religon in Greenridge.



Crime is the predominant issue in Greenridge. It has been at a steady decrease, starting in 2016. The murder rate in 2015 was 23.7 per 100,000 citizens, one of the highest in America. It is a massive center for underground gang crime. Such gangs include the Cartel, the Mob, and the Saints. Illegal drug trade is one of the highest crimes, grossing over 25 million every year. Public shootings are rear but not unheard of in Greenridge.

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